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You Only Have 10 Days

To Save Your Driver's License!

California only allows drivers ten days from the date of their DUI arrest to request a DMV hearing. This is an administrative hearing, and although optional, we highly recommend that you go. This is the driver's only chance to contest license suspension after a drunk driving accusation. Call and ask us about our DMV hearing defense and how we can help you at your hearing.

Choosing Gold & Witham

As Your DMV Hearing Advocates

Many people are unaware that requesting a DMV hearing can make the difference in whether you keep or lose your driving privileges. You can have an attorney present with you at this hearing, and in some cases, you can have an attorney attend in your stead. Choosing Gold & Witham as your DMV hearing advocates means that you have a seasoned professional in your corner fighting for your best possible outcome. Don't attend your DMV hearing alone!

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Gold & Witham attorneys Jeffrey Gold and Nigel Witham have a record of success defending those accused of DUI.

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What To Expect

Preparing for Your DMV Hearing

Your hearing will likely be held in a private room with a DMV officer (neither a lawyer nor a judge). If you retain an attorney, your attorney can be present with you at this hearing.

Prior to the hearing, your attorney will secure a copy of the evidence. In some cases, even missing paperwork or missing components of the evidence can result in a successful DMV hearing for the defendant.

At the DMV hearing, you do also have the option to bring in your own witnesses, to give your own testimony, and present other evidence. The DMV hearing is informal, but can take up to 1-2 hours.

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