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DUI charges are very serious in the State of California. If you are observed speeding, driving erratically or recklessly, you most certainly will be pulled over and tested for drunk driving. If you are arrested for DUI in Sana Ana, your case will likely be handled at the Central Justice Center, located at:

700 Civic Center Drive West
Santa Ana, CA 92701

If you are in this position, it is crucial that you contact a Santa Ana DUI attorney without delay. A DUI defense begins immediately after your arrest. At Gold & Witham, a free initial case evaluation is offered to you. This is important as you can determine what can be done to defend your case.

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Every court system has its own procedures and personnel. Gold & Witham’s attorneys are extremely familiar with the courts in Orange County, including Central Justice Center in Santa Ana. Being familiar with the court and court personnel could prove extremely valuable to your case.

Gold & Witham exclusively handles DUI cases, defending those who have been arrested and charged with driving under the influence. If you’re facing a DUI conviction on your record, the loss of your driver’s license, and other penalties, now is the time to contact an experienced Central Justice Center DUI attorney.

There are several avenues for defense in DUI cases. The initial problem is the DMV hearing, which must be scheduled within 10 days of your arrest. Enlist the help of a seasoned DUI attorney to handle this aspect of your case, both scheduling and representing you at the hearing. This can improve the chances of a good outcome at the hearing, and a possibility of waiving your license suspension.

Penalties in California are severe. Without a powerful DUI defense lawyer, you increase the likelihood of jail time, expensive fines and community service. This is for your first drunk driving arrest. Should you have an earlier conviction, your situation is even more serious. Don't take chances with your future, call for a free initial interview. Don't face Santa Ana Court without the assistance of a seasoned DUI attorney from Gold & Witham.

Contact a Santa Ana DUI Attorney from Gold & Witham when you want a highly skilled and experienced DUI defense attorney fighting for you.

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