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With the help of an attorney, it is possible to clear a DUI conviction from your criminal record! At Gold & Witham, our skilled lawyers understand that a person who has been arrested and convicted for driving under the influence may want to have a clean slate again.

Having a conviction on your record can affect employment, your ability to get certain loans and licenses, and your overall peace of mind. Our Orange County DUI lawyers can work with you to see how we can get that conviction expunged from your record.

Am I eligible for a DUI expungement?

The ability to legally and honestly say "no" when asked whether you have a criminal record is a gift that only an expungement can give. To see if you qualify for expungement, contact a lawyer at our firm immediately. There are certain criteria that you must meet in order to petition for expungement, and a lawyer at our firm can review your case and conviction to see if you qualify.

Some of these qualifications include:

  • You cannot have been sentenced to state prison as a result of your conviction.
  • If convicted of a felony DUI, you are not eligible if a state prison sentence was imposed.
  • You must have no pending criminal cases or arrests.
  • You must have fulfilled all the terms of your sentence and probation, including paying fines, finishing any DUI programs, performing community service, and more.

Note: In some cases, an experienced defense attorney may be able to help you have a felony DUI conviction reduced to a misdemeanor and then expunged.

Talk to Our DUI Defense Lawyers in Orange County

After discussing your case with our firm to see if you qualify, we can then file a petition for expungement. Essentially, when an expungement is successfully carried out, you withdraw your plea of guilty or no contest to the DUI charge and the court then dismisses your case. For all intents and purposes—and on the public record—you will no longer have a criminal record. However, your prior conviction will be accessible if you are charged with DUI in the future.

To learn more about this process and to see if you are eligible, please contact us immediately!