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As a licensed driver in California, you are likely aware of the strict laws regarding drinking and driving. DUI charges are among the most common criminal charges filed in the state of California, and there are nearly 13,000 DUI arrests in Orange County on a yearly basis.

There is no time when it is more important to work with an experienced, aggressive DUI attorney than when one is facing felony DUI charges. Often, DUI in California is classified as a misdemeanor offense, but there are certain circumstances that can lead to elevated charges.

While penalties for a misdemeanor DUI will not usually exceed 12 months in county jail, a felony offense is punishable by a minimum of 1 year in state prison.

When is DUI tried as a felony offense?

Those who are accused of DUI have historically had a high rate of conviction; in some years more than 90% of Orange County DUI arrests have resulted in convictions. It is important to realize that there are several ways that your DUI can be elevated to a felony offense.

According to the California Vehicle Code:

A California felony DUI may be charged if (1) it's a fourth offense DUI, (2) an injury was caused to a third party, or (3) the defendant had a prior felony DUI

When DUI auto accidents cause injury or great bodily injury, you will be charged with a felony. Additionally, vehicular manslaughter and a fourth DUI offense (multiple DUIs) are all driving under the influence charges which may be elevated to felony offenses.

Alternative Sentencing for DUI Charges

California judges will sometimes offer alternative sentencing options to those who are facing a county jail or California State Prison sentence. These sentencing alternatives may include:

  • Community Service
  • Electronic Monitoring
  • House Arrest
  • Cal-Trans Roadside Work
  • Residence in a Sober-Living Environment
  • Incarceration in a Private or City Jail.

This is one of the key reasons why you must secure the help of a skilled DUI lawyer. Without the help of a qualified legal professional, you are much more susceptible to the full penalties.

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