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Alcohol Education Program for Drunk Drivers

One of the potential penalties you face for a drunk driving offense is enrolling in an alcohol education program, also commonly referred to as "DUI school." Our goal with each case is different. For some of our clients, we strive to achieve a complete case dismissal. In other cases, when this is not possible, we advocate for a reduced sentence, which can still involve the defendant's participation in DUI school.

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DUI School Requirements

Alcohol education requirements differ by type of offense. For example –

  • First Time Offenders: 36 total hours of class
  • High BAC Offenders: 6 or 9 month program
  • Second Offenses: 18 month course
  • Third and Over: 30 month program

View a complete list of DUI schools offered by accredited agencies in Orange County. Courts often order DUI school for those convicted of drunk driving offenses. This can be in addition to other penalties, a condition of probation, or part of a DUI diversion program. DUI offenders who are required to participate in an alcohol education program must pay for it themselves. If the defendant does not have the financial means to do so, financing options may be available.

Gold & Witham's Approach to DUI Cases

Our approach to DUI cases is different from most. As a show of good faith, sometimes we have our clients enroll and participate in alcohol education programs or sign up for a SCRAM bracelet even before official sentencing. This often shows judges that the defendant is committed to change and remorseful about the offense. While no two cases are alike, we find that this approach is appropriate for some of our clients.

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