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DUI Charges Are Not Limited To Only Alcohol - Drugged Driving Defense

Although most DUI arrests are alcohol-related, a person can also be arrested for driving under the influence of drugs (DUID). This may involve legal prescription drugs or illegal controlled substances. When a person is driving and his or her abilities are impaired by having ingested, injected, inhaled, or otherwise absorbed drugs, this may be grounds for a DUID arrest and charge.

Gold & Witham: Powerful DUID Defense

There is no legal limit in cases involving drugs; the sole determination of guilt will be upon whether the driver was in fact impaired. Gold & Witham is familiar with defending DUID cases and understands how to effectively prove that a driver’s abilities were not impaired.

The prosecution must prove that the driver was unable to operate a motor vehicle at the same level of caution and ability as a person who had not taken any drugs in the same or similar circumstances. Our lawyers can use this to a client's favor and find evidence, testimony, or information that supports the client’s case. Our lawyers at Gold & Witham have 40+ years of combined experience in criminal law; our dedication to our clients’ cases, as well as our hard work in the field of DUI defense, have given us an edge in the courtroom.

Blood, Chemical & Urine Testing

A breathalyzer test is not administered in a DUID arrest. Instead, a blood test or urine test is generally administered, as well as field sobriety tests beforehand.

The evidence a defendant will be up against in court will include:

  • How you were driving;
  • Field sobriety test results; and
  • Chemical test results (blood or urine tests).

For greater accuracy, a drug recognition expert (DRE) may be assigned to your case. These DREs are police officers who are specially trained to identify drug impairment in individuals. The DRE will conduct a 12-step procedure which includes things like a breath test, arresting officer interview, dark room examinations and a toxicological exam.

Contacting an Orange County DUI Attorney

There are seven drug categories that you may be arrested for DUID (DUI of Drugs) for. Those include nervous system depressants (i.e. anxiety and muscle pain drugs), inhalants, anesthetics, marijuana and other illegal narcotics. Charges will likely differ depending on what type of drug was found in the system. Most commonly, DUID is a misdemeanor offense.

It is crucial that a driver work with an aggressive and experienced DUID lawyer when facing driving under the influence of drugs charges. It will take dedication and hard work to disprove the prosecution’s case and help a driver avoid a conviction. If you're looking for a law firm that can deliver, contact an Orange County DUID attorney from Gold & Witham!