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After a driving under the influence arrest, it is in your best interest to consult a Costa Mesa DUI attorney as soon as possible. Not only can an attorney advise you on what to do at this point, but an experienced Costa Mesa DUI attorney can also schedule your DMV hearing for you and represent you at the hearing in order to help you contest your driver's license suspension.

DUI Defense Lawyer for Costa Mesa, California

Gold & Witham is a California law firm dedicated exclusively to DUI defense. Our aggressive lawyers and attorneys have the know-how and experience necessary to provide effective defense techniques, even if you blew a high result on a breathalyzer test, failed field sobriety tests or were accused of a breath test refusal. There are a number of strategies a DUI lawyer can utilize, it is just a matter of investigating the case and charges to find which is applicable to your unique situation. With over forty years of legal experience in criminal defense, the DUI defense attorneys at Gold & Witham are ready to give you a consultation regarding your case.

It may be that you were subject to an unlawful police stop, that the officer performed field sobriety tests incorrectly, that the breath test machine was not properly calibrated, that another person caused the DUI accident you were involved in, or that you have a physical condition that led to a high breath test result. Whatever the defense, an attorney at our firm can help to prove this at your DMV hearing and in court, keeping you informed at every step of the DUI court process.

Whether you are facing charges involving a felony DUI, vehicular manslaughter, DUI auto accidents, multiple DUI offenses or an out of state DUI, a lawyer at Gold & Witham can help. Even in an initial consultation you can gain an understanding of exactly what charges and penalties you may be facing, and you can find out how a lawyer can help.

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