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Facing DUI charges is a nightmare. Not only have you suffered the humiliation of the arrest and dealing with law enforcement, you now face criminal charges. The consequences of a conviction can mean jail time, stiff fines and community service, as well as a suspended license. If you were arrested in or near Fullerton, your case will likely be handled at North Justice Center.

North Justice Center
1275 North Berkeley Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92832

If you have been charged with drunk driving and are going to court at the North Justice Center, it is crucial that you contact a Fullerton DUI attorney without delay. You need the support of a seasoned DUI defense attorney to fight for you in court.

DUI Lawyer in Fullerton

Not all DUI defense attorneys are alike. Many attorneys defend DUI cases as part of their practice. At Gold & Witham, the lawyers handle exclusively DUI defense and have done so for decades. This long experience in DUI defense has resulted in a singularly qualified DUI defense team. Many resources have been gathered over the years to fight for the clients. It is a big advantage to represented legally by a DUI defense lawyer from Gold & Witham.

Any DUI charge is serious. Each one is unique in circumstances. A careful review of the details of your arrest, any testing done and any other factor involved needs to be done in order to discover what court challenges could be made. Certain types of court challenges result in case dismissal. In order to determine what can be done in your case, Gold & Witham offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case with you.

Often there are more options than you may have been aware of. Take advantage of the hard-won skill and professionalism of an attorney from Gold & Witham. Your case will be treated as the priority it is. The attorneys fully understand the difficulties you may face if you are convicted and will fight to defend you in court.

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