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Being arrested for drunk driving is one of the more upsetting incidents one can experience. Unfortunately, that is only the beginning. Once you are charged with drunk driving, you must face the DUI charge in criminal court. If you have been arrested and charged with a DUI charge and your case will be handled at West Justice Center, it is crucial that you contact a Westminster DUI attorney without delay.

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With seasoned legal representation, it can increase the possibility of a better outcome in your case. Many cases are dismissed or charges are reduced. This is the work of a qualified DUI defense attorney. At Gold & Witham, the attorneys exclusively defend DUI charges and have decades of experience in this area of the law.

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Many individuals feel that there is no hope in defending themselves. This is untrue. You may be surprised to discover that many cases actually do have a defense and how this is done can be answered in a free initial consultation at Gold & Witham. Don't be apathetic about your case and assume that "nothing can be done about it". Contact Gold & Witham and get a determination on how your drunk driving charges can be defended

A first DUI conviction can mean time spent in jail, steep fines and community service, not to mention a suspended license. A second, third, fourth or more and now the law comes down with its full force. It is crucial that you have a seasoned DUI defense lawyer if you are facing any DUI charges. There are aspects of your case that must be addressed immediately after your arrest.

With a careful review of all the details of your case, a seasoned DUI defense lawyer can often discover an error by law enforcement. This could be an error in the arrest procedure, or how the tests were administered. Perhaps the testing equipment used had not been properly maintained.

Any of these items can mean successful court challenges, and evidence suppressed. A case can be dismissed based on this kind of defense. It is strongly advised that you contact Gold & Witham immediately after your arrest. You need the support of a powerful DUI defense attorney when facing court at the West Justice Center.

Contact a Westminster DUI Attorney from Gold & Witham if you are seeking a quality, experienced and dedicated DUI defense lawyer and are facing court in the West Justice Center.

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