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Anaheim Fire Official Arrested for DUI

An Anaheim fire battalion chief who is also the mayor of Murrieta was arrested on Thursday last week for DUI. According to reports, Alan Long, who is 44 years of age, was involved in a traffic collision when his full size truck crashed into the back of another vehicle which was waiting to make a turn at an intersection. The crash left four Murrieta Valley High School cheerleaders with injuries ranging from moderate to major.

According to Murrieta police, Long submitted to a preliminary breath test which gave a reading of .07%. Investigating officers felt that he was impaired to drive and he was arrested for DUI. Following his arrest, he agreed to submit to a blood test. The results of the blood test are pending.

Lt. Bob Dunn, spokesman for Anaheim Fire and Rescue said "Alan Long's employment status with the Anaheim Fire Department has not changed". If Long is convicted, the fire chief will make a determination on Long's future employment with the department at that time, Dunn said.

Long was released from custody on $50,000 bail, pending his first court date in Murrieta.

A DUI involving personal injuries to a third party would normally be filed as a felony, particularly if more than one person is injured and the injuries are more than minor.

Although vehicle code section 23152(b) makes it an offense to drive a motor vehicle with a .08% or more breath or blood alcohol level, a person may still be legally impaired to drive with a blood alcohol level below .08% per vehicle code section 23152(a). Vehicle code section 23152(a) makes it an offense to drive while under the influence of alcohol. Some people may be impaired to drive at blood alcohol levels as low as .05% and it is not unusual for a person to be prosecuted for DUI with readings of .07%, particularly if the suspect has caused a traffic accident.

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