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What Is an Ignition Interlock Device?

An IID is a small device that is installed by wiring it to the ignition of your motor vehicle. Once installed, it requires the driver to provide a breath sample every time they get behind the wheel. If there is alcohol detected on their breath, the vehicle will refuse to start. Once driving, the driver must provide random samples of breath. If they fail to provide a breath sample or if the provided sample has alcohol, the vehicle will log the event, display a warning, and continuously alarm the driver until the engine is shut off.

DUI Penalties: Ignition Interlock Device

Per §§ 23700-23702 of the 2010 California Penal Code, it has now become necessary for those convicted of DUI to have an IID installed into every vehicle that they either jointly or solely lease or own. Every vehicle that they routinely operate must have this device installed.

Penalties involving this device include the following:

  • For a first offense, it must be installed for 5 months
  • For a second offense, the device must be installed for 12 months
  • A third offense, it is required to be installed for 24 months
  • A fourth or subsequent offenses require a 36 month installation

These terms will be extended for someone who has been convicted of a DUI causing injury. For individuals who are convicted of DUI, it is important to realize that they will be solely responsible for all installation and monitoring fees, which can cost a significant amount.

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